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Hi from Canada


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Thanks for the add, got into 3D printing three years ago. Started with Creality CR6-SE which I still use. Bought an Artillery X1 and loved and now have four of them. Love printing Star War Star Fighters. Got a Voron 2.4 R2 from Formbot coming and looking forward putting it together and learning to tune it properly.




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Welcome aboard! As @mvdveer says great use of the printer. It's always good to see people using their printers for something other than just test pieces and nick-nacks. Those models look briliant, my nephew would love them. The V2.4 wil be an excellent addition to your family, and also to repeat the message, please run a build diary it's a great way to interact and share experiences🤣

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Thanks it was awesome finding this forum, nice to see that forum as still a thing! Now days it seems that everything is Facebook related. Love the forum format IMO it's easier to finding the information, tips, tricks, mods you're looking for.

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Not printer related but just had to share this experience. Ever since I bought the TTRS in 2017 I've wanted to do Tail Of The Dragon 318 curves in 11 Miles (18km). This year with 4 friends from the Ottawa area we planned this trip. We did 400 + miles on the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway, Moonshirer 28 and Tail of the Dragon. We then attended AVF car meets in Helen GA and today is our last they before we head back home. It was an absolute blast to drive those roads! 🙂 Nothing but smile on everyone face.4470614.thumb.jpg.463cd57aac9bd7cc7e8039deccd97ddd.jpg



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