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A friendly good morning from Germany


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I started 3D printing in February this year with a qidi x-plus and, surprisingly to myself and contrary to what I thought before, am now quite motivated to build my own printer.

I became aware of the Voron project and found that it is quite professional for a private project and kindly provides a lot of information on how to build a printer.

Now I want to build a Trident (of course with some modifications, for the subjects for which I have the necessary knowledge).

In this sense, good success for all like-minded people


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Wilkommen im forum.

Happy to have you here and looking forward to sharing your Voron journey. We here would love to see a build diary (https://www.teamfdm.com/forums/forum/27-build-diaries/) of your Trident build. 

Viele freundliche gleichgesinnte Leute hier.

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Good morning and welcome aboard! You have certainly come to the best place to find inspiration, support and assistance in your Voron journey. I see that you have already met @mvdveer and @Buurman two of the forums biggest pushers of Mods 😅

To echo everyone's sentiments, it will be good to see a build diary. We love them! It is also a great way to interact with the community.

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