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Tim - New to Voron


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Hey Team FDM. My name is Tim I am new to Voron but been around FDM printing since the early Maker Bot days. I am currently running a CR6se and loving PEI beds, touch probe and hot ends that don't jam constantly. It has definitely rekindled my excitement for 3d printing. I am working on a 3d printed RC race boat and each print was 24hrs! Before kids I used to work as an R&D mechanical engineer. So I had a pile of old Maker Bot Parts and some upgrades I've accumulated. I know I should just go for a full kit but I am enjoying my self fitting this Trident carriage into my old Replicator 2 chassis. I am also using this side project to get better at wiring and learn Klipper with my parts I already have. I do plan to pull the trigger on a 2.4 300mm kit over the winter. 



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Hi Tim

Welcome to the forum (sorry I moved your post into introductions, thought that was more appropriate). That definitely looks like an interesting project and there are  more than a few here that will be interested in your RC project 🤔

You'll have to get the 2.4 build started so you can print your boats in less time (oh, and run a build diary, we love those)  🤣

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Welcome to the forum. Great project. I feel self sourcing the parts for a Voron or manipulating existing hardware to improve quality is the most satisfying aspect of all. However this can be a very expensive game if you have to source all part new (due to postage, especially if you live down under like me). Show us through a build diary the progress of your project.

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