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Hello from Bristol


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Hello everyone, I first got into 3D printing during the first lockdown when I bought a Tenlog TL-D3 Pro IDEX printer and have been looking for a Core-XY for a while now. I bought a Voron 2.4r2 350mm from a kit a few months ago and have finally finished building it. But now can't get it to print. 

Once that issues is sorted though I'm sure I'll have many happy hours of printing ahead. 🙂

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Yes, I'd noticed your question and was scratching my head. I should really ask over in the quesiton (to keep it all together 🙂 ) but it would be helpful to understand which controller board you're using (e.g. spider, octopus, etc) and whether you're using the stock (voron) printer.cfg (or really what is your printer.cfg). Does the QGL (gantry levelling) and other functions work as expected or ar they out of whack/alignment as well?

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Welcome to the forum and happy printing.

8 hours ago, nannyogg82 said:

Every time I try to print the print head essentially lowers itself over the Z endstop and tries to print there.

May also be some of the gcode in your start_print / print_start macros of any other macro that is called to initiate the print. 

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