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So I forgot about the breaking change in Moonraker and foolishly updated. Now I have an issue with the config file location. I copied my existing files from the old, deprecated klipper_config location to the new printer_data/config location. Yay, I can see them in the web interface (Fluidd or Mainsail). BUT, those are ignored by the printer. Moonraker is still looking at the old location. I tried running the data-path-fix.sh script which seemed to run ok. Yay! I can now see the log files in the web interface. But, printer is still looking at klipper_config for the  config files. Not sure of the next step. Reinstall with KIUAH? 

I have looked through some of the Github pull request info on this and found reference to the ~/printer_data/systemd/moonraker.env file which shows the -c arg pointing to the old klipper_config/moonraker.conf location. I wonder if updating that will fix anything, break everything, or do nothing at all? I also see that the -l is pointing to I think an old location at ~/klipper_logs/moonraker.log

So looking for ideas how to straighten this out. Really not happy with how this was done.

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26 minutes ago, claudermilk said:

the breaking change in Moonraker

I went through that nightmare too.. The following video helped a lot:

** Use auto generated and auto translated subtitles **

A few key links to go with the video:


And on one of the Arksine/github pages I found the following script to run on the PI over ssh (i.e. with PuTTY):

pi@mainsailos:~$ .scripts/data-path-fix.sh

After running the script I rebooted and all was working again.



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Just came back to say that I looked again and the data-path-fix did work. I just didn't fully understand what it was doing (thus my reluctance to just run it blindly). I also confused myself by initially copying my old klipper_config directory over to the printer_data/config directory. 

So, in this weird update situation, the script indeed creates symlinks back to the old locations. In effect you are looking back at your old files, just under the new name. 

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