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Hello from Slovenia


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I 've started my 3D printing with v Geetech I3 Pro C. Soon it was not good enough, so it got lots of upgrades. With all it's flaws I've learned a lot.

I own Voron 2.4 350mm for almost a yer now and I've already done some upgrades (diamond nozzle, mosquito  hot end, lights, camera, handles, insulation for heating plate, carbon fiber x axis ...).

Additionally I have Sunlu filament dryer also upgraded with vent and moved heat sensor to have all filament on same temperature.

I plan to install orbiter 2.0 extruder. So lots of fun in the future.


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22 hours ago, claudermilk said:

Welcome to the forum! Nice build there. Looks like you have the carbon gantry bar. Does that noticeably help, or is it just Gucci?

I've tested it with ADXL345.  Resonant frequencies haven't changed, but amplitude is lower. So it looks better. I've also used mostly titanium screw. I am still waiting for some remaining screws and 5mm carbon fiber rods to use as shaft instead of screws.

Yesterday I installed Orbiter v2.0. Still need to do cable management and then new resonance measurements with lighter system.

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