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Can anyone tell how to reset pass word Team FDM . I thank everyone for sending Emails but I have had a setback as I have had retia surgery  on my eyes and I cannot see too well. I have gathered all the components for a Voron 2.4R 350 but have not been able to start. Before surgery tried to program Orange PI  3 LTS but no joy. No thing seemed to happen. I bought a SUB power supply but nothing happened so I will wait until I get better health. Thank you all.

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Hi Tony

Hopefully your road to recovery is not too long and has the desired effects.

Sorry for asking a daft question, just to clarify, are you wanting your reset your password for the TeamFDM site or some other password?

Happy to help and guide you through the process.





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Thanks for confirming. Guess there's two ways of resetting your TeamFDM password (I don't seem to be able to do it as a moderator). Easiest way is just via the "Forgot password" option on the TeamFDM login page:



You might need to log out of the site first to get access to the TeamFDM "Existing User? Sign in" option or if you start a private browsing window (in firefox this is a "Private Window" Ctrl+Shift+P; or in Chrome this is called "Incognito Window" Ctrl+Shift+N).

A private window effectively forgets all cookies and acts like you've never logged into the site.

If you've still got a connection to the website then you can reset your password through the "Account Settings" options of the profile menu:


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