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Hello from sunny Essex


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My name is Matt and I joined yesterday.

I am currently awaiting the delivery of a Voron 2.4 r2 kit. (LDO version from OneTwo3D)

It hopefully arrives towards the end of October.

In the mean time I'm printing all the parts in e-sun ABS+ on my Prusa i3 MK3S+

My plan is to assembly it with the Stealthburner head.

I've been 3d printing for about 18 months, exclusively with the Prusa which is great, if a little slow.

Recently completed projects include a drill stand for a Dremel lookalike and a working (ish) model of the Apollo DSKY.

Looking foreword to lots of help when i get to the firmware/software side of the build, i.e. Klipper Mainsail et. al.



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Hello Matt, 

Welcome to the best forum (in my opinion). Exiting times ahead with the new build. Please consider a build diary so we can follow your build. You will get lots of help from the forum members. A lot of very helpful, knowledgable folk around here.

Stealthburner is the way to go - Great looking but also in functionality. Better airflow than the afterburner. And it has integrated nozzle LED's!

Happy building

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Hi Matt. Great to have you here. One thing to consider is applying what you learned with the Dremmel stand to a device to assist with properly aligned heat melt inserts on the Voron. Read up and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Best of luck and keep us informed with a build diary.



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