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Living the Dream in Colorado


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Well almost...will be after I retire and start doing engineering for fun instead of money. Started with a Kickstarter Robo3D from 2013 complete with drawer slides for bed rails.   If only I had known what I was getting into.  Its been a journey.  There's still a few of the original pieces left on it.  Workhorse. Printed a number of sets of Voron parts for friends. Mostly print ABS, a bit of Nylon and discovering uses for TPU.  Look forward to exploring more engineering filaments.  On the 3rd Formbot 2.4 Voron kit now.  Quality has been pretty good, but end up tossing most of the wire harnesses. Modifying StealthBurner STL was time consuming, but at least the step files are available now.  RPI's are in short supply but it is possible to shop them without getting gouged on Amazon.  Being part of the Voron community is awesome!

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Welcome to the forum. My voron kits have all been formbot and I've been happy with the quality as well. Bit like you, I've generally disgarded the wiring harness (or reworked it) but I'm a bit odd I enjoy wiring (don't know why as I've fat sausage fingers and it can be frustrating). Sounds like you have plenty of experience and it'll be great to share. I'm presuming here, but sounds like you might even be a candidate for the grumpy old men (GOM) group as well 🤣. Although we are most definitely  open to all ages and genders. Basically, the more the merrier, so really good to meet you and I look forward to  the future interactions.

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On 10/1/2022 at 9:29 AM, to-the-nth said:

but end up tossing most of the wire harnesses

Oh no! I self sourced my Voron's and the wiring was a pain. (I hate crimping) and thus ordered a format kit - wanted the wire harness 🙂 to make life easy. Have not started building yet - work gets in the way of play. Will see how we go with the harness

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