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Hello from total Voron Newb


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Recently was given LDO Trident kit. I just started getting into 3D printing within the last year. It's been a mix of fun and frustration. Started with and Ender 3v2 that died withing the first two weeks of owing it and has been nothing but a nightmare since. Almost gave up, but decided to give a Prusa MK3s+ a try. Glad I did.

Have never used Klipper, but really like what I've seen and heard about it. Can't wait to get started putting the Trident together and tuned in. Already planning on putting the Ender to better used by converting to an Enderwire. I think the disassembly will be cathartic.

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Welcome aboard! Yup, 3d-printing can be frustrating and fun in equal measures 🤣  Glad you didn't give up and you have definitely come to the best place. I will echo @Simon2.4 and ask you to  consider a build diary, as I always say they are a great way of interacting, sharing experience and gaining even more knowledge.

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