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X-Y Offset settings



Hello all,

Firstly great forums,  Well setout and easily navigated.  Well done to the Administrators.


Now to my issue

Firstly nI am New to klipper.  This is my fist printer build using it.  I building a Voron 2 R 2.4  350  with a Bigtreetech Hermit crab Quick change Hotend plate.

The configuration of the Hermit Crab Canbus board has been done and the printer is opereration.

The Issu I am having are 2 thing

1. Unsing a Bltouch to detect the Z endstop.  This works But I cannot het it to recognised the XY offseeet of the Nozzle to Probe.

2. Due To the Hermit Crab mode the X axis end stop had to be moved to be triggered,  How do I set the X access as It has redues the bed with by 20mm.  The center of the Bed is off by 20mm and the x axit will only go dow to 20mm instead of 0 when moved to the left.


The first issue (1)  the Bltouch is mounter at -5 X +40Y infront of the Nozzel.  The printer does not see the offset.

I have attached my Printer.cfg file and the associatet HermitCrab.cfg file.

Can someone please enlighten me on whay I have wrong.



Regards Del.

HermitCrab..orgcfg printer.cfg

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