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Hello from the UK


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Hi all,

My name is Richard and as a day job I run an IT Support and Software development business. Previously an Electronics Engineer and Software Engineer.

I have been 3d priting for many years with my firt printer being the Anycubic i3 Mega (modded of course). Great printer and until a couple of months ago still in use.

I have had at one time or another up to 10 Geetech printers (I used to get Geeetech returns from Amazon and repair them for friends) as well as an Artillery X1 and Eryone Thinker (both of which I have not sold, X1 a couple of weeks ago ready for the Voron.

So quite a lot of experience with Marlin and custom firmwares and mods.

I currently have (excluding the new Voron), 2 Prusa MK3s/s+, one with MMU, both with Revo hotends and 2 Elegoo Mars resin printers (original versions). I am going to sell one of the Prusa's as I have no need for it now I have the Voron.

Anyway I love to learn, so I also do:

CAD (Fusion 360)
Laser Engraving ahnd cutting - Diode and CO2 lasers
Vinyl cutting
DTF Printing

So what brings me here...I just found out about the Vorons and had to make one. Chose the 2.4 and 350mm bed and the Formbot kit. It was a great kit and today I have just finished tuning (well for now) and fitted and tuned using the ADXL345.  First outing to Klipper and Mainsail, and I wish I had done it years ago. I currently use Repetier Server on a pi 4 for controlling my Prusas with cameras etc. I went straight for the stealthburner, in process of adding the BTT filament sensor (waiting on some white ptfe as the clear I bought really did not like the heat and also caused a lot of drag and hence under extrusion(it did say high temp and will be returned to Amazon).

Not sure what else to say...

Thanks for having me.






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