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Greetings from coastal, South Carolina, USA


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Hello to all. It is indeed a pleasure to be keeping company with so many devotees of the Voron 2.4. This community has introduced innovative solutions and brought thoughtful inquiries to FDM printing topics many never would have imagined before. Some contributions have been inspiring and some simply seeking information - all are enriching.

As requested by @Simon2.4, a little about myself in hopes I may add to the wealth of knowledge around here....

I am recently retired from the US Navy where I served for over 21 years in a mechanical engineering and operational role. My involvement in 3D AM began when parts for some critical shipboard equipment ceased to be available from manufacturers but the equipment still remained vital to mission execution. Traditional subtractive machining methods worked for some parts. but not all. When the USN made the leap into AM many problems were, and continue to be, solved. Enabling Sailors to create a replacement part while underway has increased readiness in ways never before imagined.

As for my current pursuits, I serve in a role as a commissioning program manager at a major consulting firm engaged with the US Department of State at embassy locations around the world. Working in this capacity does not allow me to pursue my AM interests while I am deployed, as I am away from my printers. Away from my printers, but not away from my mind (at least I don't think I am :() ), I typically find myself sketching up ideas or fleshing out solutions to challenges that may be solved by AM.

As for the machines, I started with a Prusa Mini. Although print quality is excellent with the Mini, size is a bit of a constraint. A MK3S+ was next on the list and again, while print quality is amazing, a slower processor and rather outdated interface left me wanting more. Enter the desire to build the Voron 2.4.

My first build has affectionately been named "Bumble Bee" owing to it's fluorescent yellow and black color scheme. Running a Voron edition Dragon HF hotend has allowed me to not only increase the speed and size of prints, but the quality as well. In fact, I have acquired all the necessary parts to build another 2.4 for my son-in-law. Of course, in the build tedium I will be upgrading my initial AfterBurner tool head to a StealthBurner and will build the son-in-law's with the SB to start with.

Developing mods is intriguing and as such, I have been working on a water-cooled mod to replace the heat break of the Dragon. Still in Beta, but can't wait to see the results and challenges that will inevitably arise.

I welcome any and all ideas and interests out there and firmly believe that we all succeed when we all contribute.

Looking forward to interacting with as many as possible.

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