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Voron 350mm r2 New Build QGL Help



need help please i try to do the QGL after homing and it says


Retries aborting: Probed points range is increasing. Possibly Z motor numbering is wrong
Retries: 4/5 Probed points range: 0.057500 tolerance: 0.007500
Making the following Z adjustments:
stepper_z = 0.047980
stepper_z1 = -0.011273
stepper_z2 = 0.051048
stepper_z3 = -0.087755
i have follow the guild on voron design site.i have done the STEPPER_BUZZ STEPPER=stepper_x chainging to the relavent stepper id and they are all moving in the order of the guild.
i've attatched my printer.cfg if this helps,this is my first voron build and at the moment im lost.



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Let's assume your Z belts are of the same length and have similar tension amounts applied.

Your probe is working.

You have followed the start up procedure correctly in Voron's documentation;



Common QGL Problems

  • If the QGL is having issues with too high of a standard deviation and the printer is heated and stable, check Z belt tension. Make sure they are reasonably tight and even.
  • If QGL fails with being unable to reach the probe in time, do a FIRMWARE_RESTART, manually level the bed as closely as possible, then home (G28) and re-attempt.



Or followed Scott Corn's startup video;

If you still get QGL errors you may also look into the Print-Tuning Guide by AndrewEllis93;


I too have recently completed my build and experienced the same issue in the begining.

After double checking and testing all the items in the startup procudure I found AndrewEllis gantry squaring guide solved the QGL issue.

Though I may still, on rare occoasion, get a QGL issue I either just restart the QGL which does the trick, or I'll raise the Z to about 150mm and restart the QGLwhich also works.

That's what worked on my build, I'm sure more experienced users will have something more to add.





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