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Any way to customize Klipperscreen?



It seems like the answer is no but has anyone tinkered with trying to customize the Klipperscreen interface? I want to make some changes but it seems like it's not possible.

But .. I can code in python so I'm going to take a crack and trying to do what I need. Ideally:

  • add the current layer to the main display
  • add custom buttons for: calibrate_z, G32, and any other macros I might want to have buttons for.
  • I'd like to see more interesting icons, and I know there's just a bunch of SVGs to swap out so this would be easy

For the custom buttons, I know under macros there are ways to launch them there, but I'm more interested in either swapping some existing ones I don't use or adding new ones.

I looked around and it doesn't seem like FLUIDD has a touchscreen UI, does that sound right? And the PanelDue thing seems like there isn't much info on it, so I am not sure about that guy. And it's a bit pricey.

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21 minutes ago, Buurman said:

but I gave up, seems to be a real pain in the ass

Can't agree more. Klipperscreen is not my main interface, mainsail is. Klipperscreen helpful for quick adjustments. But then ...... I cannot program. The only Python I know is a BIG snake.



Welcome to the land down under. And no @smirk, I am NOT playing it on the Kazoo

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That's about all there is. Under Setup/Configuration in the Menu section is what's available to go on for setting up a custom config. Like I said, a PITA. I mainly themed it and managed to add one button to a panel to run my nozzle clean macro. I haven't gone beyond that. It was a struggle to even get that done & I chose to spend my energy elsewhere. On the github, you have the same docs just not as pretty.

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