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Bed plate screw endstops?



I saw this somewhere but couldn't find any more info on it. Using M5x20 bolts, I was able to securely attach them to the end of the bed, with the heads sticking up slightly (1mm or so) above the magnetic base. This allows for a secure and solid backstop for the PEI sheet, and ensures consistent placement (at least the Y-axis).

Does anyone else do this and is it a good idea? I am concerned that it's in the same Y axis location as the Z endstop, so technically the nozzle could impact it (which would be really bad) but maybe the height is OK? Now that I think about that, the nozzle can get really close to the bed, so it seems to me that it might be a problem.

Anyway, I'm going to remove them for now until I hear back from folks about the best option(s) here if there are any.




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9 minutes ago, DennisM said:

Does anyone else do this and is it a good idea?

I am using printed backstops. found these as part of the decontaminator purge bucket on Github


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