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X/Y moves make more sound than they should.... but found a unexpected solution.. (took only 20 hours or so)



My fist build Voron 2.4 is my main printer for printing sets and other Voron 2.4 builds.

Yet, what I found out that somehow my newer printers are always WAY more quiet on XY moves with the same config (copy/paste) than my trusty first one...
It feels like it needs to work harder on a XY move, doesnt matter diagonal (I print 45 degrees by default) or horizontal/vertical.
It makes a sound like.. the rail is having too much fraction almost.. and motors need to work harder..

I blamed everything, so I started a mission to find the cause.. 

Changed run_currents - no change (maybe temperature) running on 1.0 now, but its also ok on 0.8.
Tried Stealthchop and run_current - but I rather not go there, and new sounds emerged on slow moves, so.. FIAL, not an option.
Changed motors (X/Y) - did not change anything

Yesterday I started to take it apart (second time to be honest) to find the cause... took the gantry apart, while NOT taking out the cables, it was a challenge, but I won.
I changed all the mounts with versions with PINS instead of bolts on the bearings, took out the toothed bearings and went for smooth ones.

I can advise them: https://github.com/VoronDesign/VoronUsers/tree/master/printer_mods/hartk1213/Voron2.4_Trident_Pins_Mod

After spending about 5/6 hours on this.. (yes... f*ck me.. hahaha!) all felt smooth without the belts, with belts no strange resistance (constant).

And also racked it in a very relaxing state, and made sure its square and everything... I do feel it was better now than before. (yes you make mistakes on your first Voron).

But.... NO change in sound!!! from now on... this is starting to drive me crazy... I am 100% sure Gantry is good, belts tension, smooth operation/movement... etc.

Ok.. today a new day... what can I try... 

I switched Stepper drivers with my other Voron - no change.

Then I thought, ok.. wiring somehow... my first Voron had a pre-build kit from onetwo whatever, UK based store, never again.. could have the same for half the price from Germany.

But... I used the basic wires (stll had it from the kit) and connected them from Octopus to motors, the OneTwo wires were crossed, so I had a exclamation (!) mark before my dir_pin in my printer.cfg to reverse the direction, so I took that out with the default wires, like I do on the Vorons I build with the basic wires.

And... Printer is WAY more quiet!! I cant believe this, at this point I am thinking.. the wiring is too thin or something, it cant be this ! exclamation mark.. right?

Well.. it is, I uncrossed the wires physically on the OneTwo wire kit, and ... Quiet!


changing direction (dir_pin: !) in printer.cfg is not without penalty it seems.... lesson learned, maybe it helps someone.

I will be changing wires instead of using ! the change_dir option, since, clearly it is not bulletproof.. somehow...

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9 hours ago, Buurman said:

hanging direction (dir_pin: !) in printer.cfg is not without penalty it seems.... lesson learned, maybe it helps someone.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I think you just saved me a lot of work - have noticed my 2.4 runs near quiet whilst the Voron 0 is noisy on XY. And yes - the dir_pin is inverted in the V0 but not the 2.4. Will change the motor wires physically and see what happens. Thanks 🙏

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Really good investigtion @Buurman and as mvdveer points out definitely universally useful. Interesting to know why it happens, must be something to do with cross-talk/interference, but I'm not an electrical engineer or physist. I know they put "lots" of twists in the pairs for  comms cabling (I say "lots" there is a magic formula) to cut down on cross-talk, but sounds like you were having the opposite problem (twist = crosstalk). Hmmm.....perhaps not enough twists. Another plus point at least you proved that it wasn't purely down to overly expensive shoddy British workmanship. I would say "Hoorah! Buy British" but given the country is closing down for the Winter (and @mvdveer bought half of Scotland) it'll be amazing if anyone gets anything out of us. Actually the last thing I bought was from Amsterdam....but that probably won't get here because our lot are all on strike.....grumble...grumble....might as well just have thrown it into the North Sea......grumble....

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