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First time Voron build, long time builder


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Hi all,

I just wanted to introduce myself - I'm new to the Voron community and I'm hoping this is the place to get newbie advice and help with technical issues.

I bought my components for the Voron 2.4 over a year ago and am only now getting around to assembling it. The build is at around 60% currently and I'm in the process of starting the wiring. I'm also familiar with RAMPS & Marlin, and Duets with RepRapFirmware, but on this build I'll be using the recommended Bigtreetech Octopus with Clipper which will all be new to me.

I'm not new to 3d printing by any stretch - I've been building machines for over 10 years since the first Mendel and Huxley machines, and have worked my way through most platforms including I3 style, Printrbots and other Cartesian styles. I've never done a CoreXY before so I choose the Voron to try just that.

My main passion is for building and designing my own platforms - mostly Delta machines for the last three years and I've designed and built some very large (650mm XY / 1300mm Z) machines which I use daily. All my designs become open source and are freely available to anybody that wants them - just let me know if you want some links!

Anyway, looking forward to chatting with you all on here!


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Hey Colin nice to have you with us. You will find answers to questions here for sure. We have a section for sharing our designs and a few of us including myself have posted stuff there. I invite you to post your work too. also if you wish to document your build, we have a diaries section that is very popular. Cheers!

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Welcome Colin! You have certainly come to the right place, there's plenty of friendly and helplful people here.  It would be great if you did consider starting  a build diary, they're a great way to interact with everyone and gather advice and share experiences.

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