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Z probe usage with bed tramming


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Currently im rebuilding my custom Cartesian Printer to print all the voron parts but I have a major problem :

The z plane is tilted and I try to go away from zero it with switches.

I did reguild it so the bl touch is tramming both z axes and the gets the zero point in the middle of the bed.

But 2 questions coming up :


Is it before or after tramming needed to pre level the bed?


I used the old z diff distance for the bl touch.  Is it needed to tramm the bed and the recalibrate the z height of the bltouch?

Aditional Info for the bed:

I have a magnetic change system where I could use PEI sheet and FR4 but currently I'm using FR4 and can't use a Inductive sensor.

Fot tips hints and a advice I am happy,  helps me speed up the voron build.

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3 minutes ago, RopusLongus said:

Is it before or after tramming needed to pre level the bed?

Personally, I "level" the bed before tramming but it is an iterative process so there'll always be several rounds of both. Since tramming is about making the tool-head and work surface parallel, I do the bed level first to give me a better chance in the tramming effort without having to have the tool-head/gantry ridiculously out of whack. There is a limit to how far out of alignment things can get before the firmware (klipper or whatever) cals foul.

WIth klipper you can also do bed-screws adjust using the bltouch probe. It will probe the bed above screw points (assuming you've got adjustable bed mounts on your custom cartesian) and will calculate how much you need to turn each screw by to get those points in overall alignment. That's really helpful for getting the bed initially "level".

I'll can pull the klipper config stuff out and post here if it would help.

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