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Hi from Switzerland


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Hi guys,

I have started 3d printing since 2018 with a XYZprinting, and 6 month ago, I sold it.

Now, I have 3 3D printers (BQ Hephestos P3steel mod, Voron 2.4 and DIY) and 1 resin (Anycubic Photon Mono)

I live in Switzerland in a region where watchmaking is well represented: Biel/Bienne 🙂

I'm married with on child, II speak French, Italian, a little German, and a little English... Thanks Google Translate 😄

I'm 44 years old

I'm waiting for your good advices.

Best regards



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Welcome from down under (Australia( @Itzo. You have come the the right place to find the right advice. Friendly folk around here. Now you just need to learn Australian slang:
"Fair Dinkum mate." 

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Bienvenue de l'Ecosse subtropicale!  Malheureusement, that's the limit of my French these days (I'm sure they were still teaching "la plume de ma tante est sur la table" when I was learning French or perhaps that was my mum). I learned Latin at school, that probably helps carbon date me.

Despite "some" of our limited  language capabilities you will find this to be a very friendly and helpful forum.

If you ever happen to find yourself in need of food in Scotland(*) you can try "A poke o' chips an an ingin ane aw".  Sadly this is not slang and  constitutes actually acceptable "English"........my best advice don't come to Scotland for the cuisine.


(*) Well only certain bits, other parts won't understand you and they'll probably offer you their children to eat.


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