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Hello from Chicago!


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Welcome to the forum. What is the problem with printing the components. 

normally the creator of the file would indicate infill and orientation of the parts 

In this case:

Print Settings: (as per your link above)
  • Supports: Yes
  • Resolution: 0.2mm
  • Infill: 40-50%
  • Wall Thickness:  1.6mm

Explanatory notes from original creator:

For brace and guide:- Wall Thickness: 1,2mm (3 parimeters)- Infill pattern: Tri-hexagon- Support pattern: Zig Zag- Support density: 20-30%- Buildplate adhesion: Skirt or Brim- Material: PLA (any will do)For roller, keep everything the same except:- Wall thickness: 1,6mm (4 perimeters)- Infill percentage: 0%!- Buildplate adhesion: Brimr- Don't want to use support? Check out this Remix by EdNiedziejko (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3055046)Keep all the parts in the given orientation, this ensures the best print quality!



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I found printing it upright too much trouble to deal with. So, I split it in the slicer. Then oriented so the pin ends were the top. Then added a cylinder and created a hole in the center end. Finally created a new cylinder to fit as a positioning pin. After printing I glued the two parts together with the pin to center the parts up.

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I fixed it! Well, I fixed the roller so that it can be more easily printed. I recreated the roller in Fusion 360 by importing the STL and then tracing over the profile. I then revolved the main body of the spool and punched a hole into the ends. The bearing mounts I turned into pegs that insert into the holes. Everything can be printed vertically, without supports. I did a quick and dirty print to confirm. The print quality still needs some tweaking, I'm currently using a .6mm nozzle and trying out the new Arachne slicer in SuperSlicer Anyways... Parts work great. I've attached STL's for anyone interested. I'll head over to the OP and upload the STLs over there as well.








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