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Different ideas for heating the build chamber


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I just saw a clever design in the Voron Mods section for an experimental build chamber heater.

The design uses spare hotend parts to increase the chamber temperature. As such, it seems to be limited to 40 watts or so with some possible issues with overheating.

So I was thinking.... how to safely add maybe 40-60 watts of additional heat without risk of anything overheating and I thought....

What about an incandescent light bulb? It would not only heat the chamber but light it as well.  Over-temperature of the bulb itself is not an issue and a simple temperature controlled relay could be used to operate one or several small incandescent bulbs. Line voltage bulbs are available in many different sizes and shapes, but automotive 12v bulbs could also be used in series-wired pairs of two to the 24v power supply.  Common wattages for 12v bulbs are 5w, 21w and around 50w. If the bulbs are too bright, one could enclose it in a metal cover which would get extremely hot.

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I'll resist the temptation about making any "bright idea" comments. Guess you could make it into a sort of "feature" within a larger chamber but might require something more "robust" than printed materials to act as the holder since (as you observe) incandescent (and even LEDs, CFLs, etc) get hot on the surface and [probably would] exceed what printed plastic could "hold". I suppose some of it depends on the aesthetics of the matter. If you just slung a 60W bulb and holder into the enclosure (suspended from the top) it would be fine but might end up making your printer enclosure look like a 1-room bed-sit or microwave oven. But I think it would definitely work as an option. Having been around new house builds (insulated to modern standards) I can attest to how hot they are simply from the lighting that is permanently left on by the sales folks.

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To heat a regular sized voron you will need at least 250w. I use a 500w heater in mine but its twice the normal volume and made of glass. The heater will use mains power and is plugged to the mainboard with a SSR like the one used for your bed heater.

Chech this out:


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