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Hello from France


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Hello everyone,

I'm the newbie of the day 😃 even with my 50 years old

I have started 3d printing approximately 3 years ago with a second hand Creality Ender 5.

Few upgrades after, I had bought a second used Ender 5 to tinker it : BTT SKR Turbo 1.4 board, linear rails and direct drive in progress ...

One year ago, I heard about Voron ... since I'm thinking (dreaming) about it

And yesterday I had made my first orders for a V0.1 : LDO's frame and steppers, hardware kit and a BTT SKR Pico board.


I have already tons and tons of questions🤪, because I want to buy each piece after careful consideration ... and maybe begin with some unavoidable upgrade(s) from start.

My next purchase will be linear rails : Is LDO linear rails kit is the best choice or maybe there is an other good (and even maybe cheaper) choice ?

I'm waiting for your good advices.

Best regards


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18 minutes ago, Toftwin said:

Ok, I will try do a diary ... but are you ready for a marathon one ? 😄 

Yes absolutely! I love long detailed diaries and they are super helpful to many people. I also like to use them as memory storage for myself1

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Welcome Christopher. Like you I sourced all the components for my recently finished Voron 2.4r2 as well as the first Voron build - V0.1. I guess there is no right or wrong when it comes to what you choose. As long as you do your research, read a lot, follow YouTube videos of experienced Voron builders (Nero3dp, Steve’s builds, Teaching Tech, etc) you will mostly make the right choice. But even the “experts” not alway agree on what is best. I sourced locally to save cost on postage. And learned a lesson - unless the company is familiar with 3d printing, do not buy from them. 


Mostly have fun and enjoy the build

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