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Grettings from Barcelona, Catalonia.


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9 minutes ago, smirk said:

Welcome to the forum, good to "meet" you. How do you find the  core-xy Voron compares to your deltas?


ummm currently my delta is my best printer, for unchambered prints. Imo is near to excelence hahaha

About my Voron 0.1 I only use it to print ABS or Nylon PA12+CF15/GF15, to make parts of my other printers. It is working very well, near to the excelence too.

One important thing is explain that Im not a fanboy of speed. I usually print under 100mm/s, then my opinions are very subjective hehehe


Im in love with the bed on the bottom, that why im interested in a Voron 2.4. But I need biggers size, then my next printer probably will be a V-Core 3.1 500x500.



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Hi and welcome macboy!

As Smirk mentions, feel free to ask anything on the Voron 2 series, if we can help we will. Currently printing on two Vorons 2.4 350x350 beds.
But there is always bigger 😉

Its a fun build, yet, it takes some patience, but its amazing compared to a Ender 5 (that I also own, my first love) that was also modded to extremes.. 

Enjoy this place! I think you find that people are willing to help here, its great!

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