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Flexible Filaments with Experimental Extruder Design


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I ran across this youTuber who was working on designer an extruder that uses belts to guide filament through the extruder. I thought it was super neat and wanted to share.


See the video here:

Thoughts? I'd love to see someone try this on their Voron, if it's even doable!



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Well, this is a Dutch guy, and for one, I wouldn't trust anything he says.. 😛 hahaha!

Just kidding, I have seen this one before and was.... intrigued! looks pretty cool, but I think, hard to print.. if you only have a normal 3d printer.

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Watched his video a while back. IMO, it's a pretty good implementation and it appears that he gets some pretty good results, especially with the really low durometer filament he's using. If I absolutely had to print something with low durometer TPU and I couldn't get reasonable results with my good ol' Voron CW1 extruder then... I probably give it a try. 

I feel that's it's definitely doable and could readily be adapted to a 2.4 or Switchwire. Just need the CAD files which I think he has a link to.


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You can download the parts here for 3euros. As you said CAD files only to Patreons. 


Only version 1. Something I might try. Note to self. First finish what you're doing - that extremely slow build Voron 2.4r2

Seems his original parts were printed on resin printer, wouldn't attempt printing this just yet.

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