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Greeting from the Midlands - UK


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Hi all, started my 3d printing journey with a E3v2, wasnt long before it got a few ugrades, Klipper, E3d Hemera - As of today, started my Voron 0.1 build (kit arrived yesterday), 5 hours in, frame built. Afterburner, finish wiring and confiure tomorrow.....

Looking forward to participating in this community (although it maybe one sided for a while 😉 )

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3 hours ago, ScottieDog said:

Might be a little late for that - was so pleased that it arrived one week early than expected, I've just rattled on with the build, got in the zone and went for it, will probably be finished and ready for tuning by end of tomorrow.

Never to late to share a few pics. 🙂


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Welcome aboard from elsewhere in the UK! @mvdveer is right, never too late for some show'n'tell. Besides the physical build is only part of it, you've still got the fun of tuning. Genuinely, seeing other's builds is part of the joy of this madness called Voron 🤪

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