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Mini 12864 display



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If there's absolutely no life about the display (no text, no back-light) then it could be the exp1 and exp2 are incorrectly labelled (see bottom of the github  Lcd Config page). If there's a back-light then it might just be a misconfiguration in the printer.cfg.

I've got a 1284 display so will have a poke at it later.

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Ok, had a poke with my 12864 display ( FYSETC Mini 12864 Panel, attached to a FYSETC Spider). I'll amend my faulty diagnostic check: the panel only lit up when I activated the config within Klipper. So if I'd followed my own advice I would have assumed the connections were on backwards. They weren't and once I [successfully] activated the config the panel sprang into life.

I say "successfully" as I had to do a little experimentation with SPI settings before the panel would light-up and work. Fortunately, the settings were all contained in the klipper's sample lcfg config file but I had to figure out (well guess) which were the correct settings for my fysetc panel.

I suppose I'd make an observation that 12864 is a generic term (simply being a display that is 128x64 pixels in size). I was lucky, I bought the Spider and the display as a bundle and the FYSETC Mini 12864 has an actual clearly defined entry in the sample lcd config file.Otherwise, I might've had to resort to even more guess work to figure out which of the several chipsets to use.....

Do you have any more of a precise model/manufacturer name for your 12864 panel? That might help to prompt some suggestions (and the MCU you're plugging it into).


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