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Hartk Stealthburner PCB, 1 piece or 2?


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I like the 2 piece; even though I am not constantly removing the fan shroud.

But if I do, I have each time a grin in my face because I don’t have to unplug any wires.

Next step would be a kind of pin-plug for the hotend and thermistor; these plugs now getting on my nerves with the fan shroud unplugging so easy.😉

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The advantage of the two piece is that the cooling shroud comes off without having to undo several connectors. I think the advantage of the one piece is simplicity. I ordered the two piece, because my resolve to wait until Stealthburner is released is quickly fading…

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Technically it's a holding pattern. But that said, the mount locations for the PCB were specifically designed in to the SB/CW2 a while ago. I'm liking the look of how the 2 piece works, removing those connections for the SB fan shroud is annoying.

Btw, @Sir_Erickeep an eye on that baby, it looks like it's about to crawl off the bench. 😛

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