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Trade/Sale (non shop) category?


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I have almost finished building my second Voron 2.4 Formbot/MK kit (MK is me, myself and I) and I want to put it up for sale.

Nothing high profit or something, just as a hobby and for someone who doesnt have the time or patience, or whatever to build it themself, I am not judging 😉 Its a hell of a job...

Just wondering, is it an idea to enable this on TeamFDM, or maybe not, just throwing it out there.

My build(s) (if I ever make more, depending on requests) would only be in the NEtherlands, since shipping a builded printed would be stupid expensive, and breakable.

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Will you include a pack of sweeties?

I might be being stupid and confused but isn't there a Bazaar board within the Marketplace group that would be used for that? However, in principle I personally see no issue as the forum allows commercial 3rd parties (vendors) and individual members in the Bazaar (although I'm not sure I like the word, it conjures something of tented stalls with people selling hooky goods and indescribable parts of animals......perhaps that speaks more to my own prejudices).

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