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Hello from Oakville (Ont, Canada)


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Just purchased my first 3d printer a Voron 2.4 (350x350). I am new to the game but excited to into the thick of things and am currently trying a few different prints out. So far only Cat ears for my partner have been 100%. I got the printer with preconfig files for PrusaSlicer but I still have to figure it out. I plan on adding a filament runout sensor done with handles for the fram as my first projects once dialed in.

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Welcome to the forum!

If you are still in the tuning stage with your printer I would suggest taking a look at the Ellis print tuning guide. It's kind of the gold standard for getting you printer working at its best.

I currently have the RefillPlease filament sensor and it's pretty easy to get running.

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I did jump into the deep in but I am an old school IT person that loves the open source community and considered the Altar in Popular Mechanics/ I was lucky the person O bought from is a 3D Printer/IT teacher at a High School that has a real passion for 3D printing and is helping as well. I have two pre-config printing profiles but I am having some noob issues non the less. I'll be reading up on that guide and hope to join in the community but with the least amount of that same old question again and again.


Thank you everyone for the welcome and support.

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