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Hello From AZ, USA


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Hello everyone,

I'm originally from the USA in South Carolina but moved over to Arizona about a year ago.  Ive been following Voron for quite a while now and finally got the go ahead from my wife to jump in.  I have always been a tinkerer and tried to find ways to improve things (everything lol) so this is going to to be a fun path.  Im glad to see there are so many like minded people in this group.  I have a degree in machine tool and did that kind of work for a while and then moved onto calibration.  At my previous job I would calibrate everything from dimensional, pressure, electrical, torque etc.  Now ive moved into a new to me calibration field with measuring solar radiation along with some support test equipment.  

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Thanks for the welcome.   I have a few things in mind but need to make some test parts out of probably ASA to see how they hold up here.  If that works out then Ill have to get to work on some tools.  I think with its properties ASA is probably going to be my most used filament now.  My first project will probably be the tracker shade ball for calibrating the pyranometers.  My current setup is too big and I want to make it more compact and light weight so its a good candidate.  After that I have a few more ideas I can try.  I used to always have people ask me how the weather was as a joke because metrology (science of measurement) is the field im in and I used to always say I dont know anything about the weather. Thats meteorology.  Now its come full circle and im in the metrology side of meteorology so I actually do know a little bit about the weather now lol.  Every day im looking at the sky conditions and monitoring wind, clouds, dust or smoke in the air to see if I can do my calibrations.         

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