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Eating through Pancakes like it's Shrove Tuesday!



So I've been making good progress with my Voron 2.4, and am now getting pretty decent usable prints out of it.   I do however seem to be going through pancake motors on my Stealthburner like there's no tomorrow.  I've destroyed three now, and it's starting to get expensive!

The first problem has been overheating.  It'll get to a point in time during the print and it'll start hiccuping.  It'll miss several passes and then start up again, and carry on alternating between extruding and not extruding.

I've lowered the current down to the lowest setting that it still reliably moves the filament, and the clockwork is all moving freely and seems happy when test extruding. 

To try and stop the motor getting so hot,  I've bonded a pin heat sink on the back and modified the cable chain bracket to hold a 4020 fan to blow across it.  This seems to have improved the situation dramatically (falure rate is much lower), but I can't help thinking that this is a workaround, not the actual problem!

The next issue has been jamming.  My prints will get to a certain random point, and then the extruder will lock up solid.  Sometimes it'll strip the filament, which presumably means the extruder is fine and the filament is the problem, but sometimes there's no evidence of the filament stripping, and the motor is just locked up. 

I've been buying the good LDO 36STH20-1004AHG(XH) motors, which are supposed to be a good quality high temperature motor.  Settings are:

  • run_current: 0.5
  • Print Speed 60mm/s
  • Retraction 0.3mm
  • Retraction Speed 15mm/s
  • Temperature 235deg
  • Filament AMZ3D ABS

Can anyone suggest anything that I'm doing wrong?  Thanks for your help.

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23 minutes ago, SkyQuake said:

Thanks Steve,

I presume you mean the BMG spring thingy that preloads the feeder cogs.  I didn't think I had it too tight, but it's not something I've tried recently, so I'll give it another go.


LOL springy thingy is quite a technical description! Like I said, it was a thought. Check for a bad bearing, etc. Maybe the problem happens in prints where the temp has gone up in the chamber and something binds.

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Perhaps your microsteps are set too high?  

I read somewhere that a high microstep sound will increase resolution but reduce motor torque. The reduced motor torque can be overcome with higher current but that leads to more heat.  

As our extruders are geared, the Extruder motor's resolution becomes less important.  It would be more important on an A or B stepper motor  with no gear reduction.

So my suggestion is just drop the micro stepping and the motor current to a lower level and see what happens.


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I would also start the clockwork from scratch, which you may have done. Print the body new. I find if I've had a problem with the gear mesh with the slot adjustment, I had that haunt me once. Just bin it and print it, good luck.

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