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"HELLO WORLD" from Canada


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I'm on Vancouver Isl. B.C. Canada, a machinist / millwright / float pilot, so yes a mechanical guy. I was drawn here by the "Pin mod" STL's as a machinist I know the advantage of this mod. My Mainsail Trident 300 is up and printing Matter 3D ABS at 290* nozzle, 100* bed,45* chamber and 15% fan. Also have a Ender3 pro running Smoothie for PLA / PettG. After printing and installing, "Pin mod" / "Beef Cake" / "Horse shoe spool holder" I would like to find some help with writing Jinja 2 macros for Klipper. Finally thank you to everyone who have uploaded STL's, I hope to have some of my own to contribute in the near future.

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Welcome to the forum!

Learning Jinja2 is a whole other rabbit hole once you've finished building. I started by examining the base files for the Trident and once I figured out the language is Jinja2, ran some Google searches on that to find documentation and tips sites. Another resource I found useful was a couple of users who have shared their printer config backups on Github, in particular these two:



They are quite complex, but use a lot of techniques and have some really interesting ideas. I spent a while digging through them to learn syntax & techniques and stole a number of the concepts for my own printer setup.

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