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Hello from Norwich, Norfolk, UK


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This seems like a nice friendly place to hang out. I'm at the beginning stages of building a Voron 0.1 from an LDO kit. Kit arrives in a week or two. Meanwhile I'm taking brave new steps to print the ABS parts. Using Sunlu Blue ABS and eSun Black ABS+. I built a Prusa MK3 in 2018 and assembled a Prusa Mini a couple of years ago. Also have an MMU2S assembled but not fitted yet - maybe not for a while. It's the MK3(now S) that's printing my stuff as we speak - in a Light Tent - seems to be working out fine.

I had ordered a Prusa XL last November - just instantly loved the Core XY system when I saw it - but I had a moment of realisation a month ago - I didn't need a big £2k+ printer - I just wanted to have some fun!   So I cancelled the order, discovered Vorons, and here we are.

I'm now realising that this new V0 project is about organisation and fortitude - planning the print schedule, gathering information from sites like this, and Facebook and Discord and Discourse and ...   Maybe I shouldn't be collecting small upgrades right now, but the "No Drop Nuts" is what brought me here, so it can't be that bad.

All suggestions welcome!

Cheers, Eric

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Welcome to the forum!

The Prusa -> Voron path is a well-worn one. 😁 I built a Mini+ and enjoyed it so much I looked again at the Vorons that scared me away initially, and now I have a Trident and am modding the Mini. That little Mini+ printed up all the parts for the Trident under its own shipping box.

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