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hi guys,

my name is Thorsten. I´m located in the north of germany and i´m in 3d printing just a few days about a year from now. i bought 21 different consumer printer before i started to build my first Voron V2.4 - that was a huge impact. Just because the built was fun and i wanna have more, i decided to sell my second Voron i built right after the first. I got such a huge reaction on my offer, that i took a few orders to build more of them. Right now i´m nearly finishing my 9th 2.4 and everytime i´m developing my knowledge.
I highly recommend every 3d printing guy to take the decission and build an own - my most expensive printer is a Raise 3D Pro Plus and that one isn´t nearly reaching thre speed and the quality of a Voron!

happy printing

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Whoa - so you are working on the 30th printer you have owned?

Do you run a print farm? How many of those printers do you still own and are in working order?

Welcome to the community, so glad you joined and posted. I think your experience can go a long long way in helping others! I hope to see you post more often!

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