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Fan wiring


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On page 258 of the new Assembly manual the two bottom electronics cooling fans are shown spliced together.

Is there any reason to do that as the octopus board appears to have 7 fan connections?

Also dose anyone put a slot on the Z limit switcher as shown in the manual. Most of the builds I've seen seem to omit this.



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i have both my controller fans connected to separate fan ports especially as the octopus has so many,

the z endstop pin has the flat slot so it doesn’t fall out if tipped up for any reason, also if ooozing filament does stick to it that would prevent it being lifted out too though most struggle to get filament to stick to the bed so getting it stuck to bare metal probably wouldn’t ever happen but you never know lol

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I ran my controller fans to a couple of WAGOs, then one set of wires to the Octopus board. That means no extra code in the config to worry about. I also used a DIN rail mount that Logan BC on Discord came up with that also happens to help manage some wiring routing as a happy side effect.

For the Z endstop, I built the Sexbolt mod from the start. No pin falling out, larger target. It took a bit of fiddling at first to get it running smooth and positioned where I was happy with it. I do see ooze sticking a bit and pulling the bolt at times.

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