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Hello From The Ohio River!


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Hey peeps, fulltime liveaboard here on the mighty Ohio. Started my 3d printing a few years ago when I decided to build my own lithium battery bank for the boat. Started with a new CR6 SE. With 2 years of printing and approximately 40 rolls of green PETG I now have a 20kWh battery bank. During that time there hasn't been one part on the CR6 that hasn't been replaced or modded. Its now a Klipper CR6 with a Dragon HF direct drive Orbiter v1.5 and it prints pretty good now... But the way the frame holds the bed and the bed design itself, its impossible to maintain a good bed mesh. So after years of frustration with the CR6, on April 2 I ordered a Voron 2.4r2 kit and my first rolls of ABS. It took 2 days of tuning and printing more replacement parts for the CR6 (the PETG parts didn't like the higher ABS temps lol) It took another 6 days of printing all the Voron part lol watching every first layer like a hawk! Kit will be here Monday... getting pretty excited! 


Attached is some battery and printer porn for ya 😉





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