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basic picture manipulation on insert


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could you add functionality so when we insert a picture in a post we can



and optionally

-annotate/draw --> I've never seen that before but I imagine something where I could click on a picture on a post, open a super light editor where i could add text, arrows, circles and quickly repost, all within the forum. So many times have I downloaded a pic, edit it then re-upload for forums... that would be pretty neat. ; )  @Demosth  is like "hold my beer"  😆

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There is support for quite large photos here, so normally I can just upload my iphone photos. But sometimes they are too large, I do the same as claudermilk, resize them on PC before upload, normally to 50%.

But I know there are plugins that can resize to a certain size during upload, or right after, but mostly I am ok how it is here, but the large photos can take up lots of space after a while 😉

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I take most of my photos with a 24 megapixel DSLR, I resize everything to 3 x5 inch photos because I wouldn't be able to upload anything otherwise... 🙂

For the record, I use Photoshop and a macro I wrote that takes any open photos, resizes them, and saves them in a new folder for upload.

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