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Gantry build problems


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I’m attempting to assemble my gantry for a 2.4 r1 350mm build but I seem to be having a problem with the component mounting.


With the linear rail (420mm) attached to the Y rail (450mm) and the front idler mounted flush with the rail end, as required, I encounter a problem mounting the drive unit flush with the other end of the rail.


With everything assembled it appears to be 6mm too long to make both ends flush with the rails.


It seems to me that the linear rails are 6mm too long or the drive top plates and idler top plates are too long. The belt clamps (27mm) perfectly fit the drive top plates and idler top plates so I’m thinking these are probably OK.


I’m confused as how to make both ends flush.


Suggestions please.



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Just now, golddustpeak said:

Typo on the linear rail it really is 400mm.

I measured the tops of the idler and drive mounts and they are 28.2mm and 28.5mm.  Looks like that is the problem.

So I guess I'll have to carefully trim them down to 25mm each.

do you have the CAD model for reference? there is no reason your parts should be different ?? could you post pictures to better illustrate your problem

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