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ABS (and other) Filament Suppliers I like


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It seems KvP and eSun are the unofficial official Voron ABS brands. eSun is a bit difficult to locate in the states, especially their ABS+. I'm a big fan of Atomic Filament and Paramount 3D, but there is also a company called Zyltech out of TX that has very basic color selection, but its very cheap and they offer 5KG size "Texas Rolls" as well. Although I see Push Plastic offers  25KG size, so I guess Texas Rolls are small potatoes 🙂A lot of Voron owners speak quite highly of the Zyltech filament. That's going to be my go-to for white/black/gray.  

FYI, If you do order direct from KvP, you can use code THANKS12 to get 12% off and free ship over $50. 

Im a big fan of Atomic's Carbon Fiber filaments. They offer 4 different colors in PETG+CF. For ABS, only black CF. They just finally got it back in stock after being out for months. It's probably 10% CF, which makes it mildly abrasive. I haven't had any issues using nickel plated copper with it. 

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I have been testing a spool of Xyltech ABS (https://www.zyltech.com/zyltech-abs/) and it has been printing great. I have been using it on FTC robotic parts and is working very well. It 1/3rd the cost of KVP and they ship super fast. You can also get it in a Texas Spool which is 5Kg. I will say though that My preference for "keeper" prints or Printer replacement parts is KVP

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