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Hello from Texas

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Hey Everyone

My name is Michael.  I'm a full-time chemical engineer and part-time tinkerer/hobbyist from Texas.  I got my first 3D printer (Ender 3 V2) in 2020 since, you know, I was spending a lot of time at home.  Over the next 3 years, I started my own Ship of Theseus thought experiment by modifying the heck out of my E3V2.  I built a Stealthburner toolhead, installed the KevinAkaSam belted Z mod, and got klipper working on a Pi 3B+ to name a few.  The printer is still kicking after 4000+ hours of pushing plastic.

I finished my first Voron (VT.1522), a MPX 350 Trident, with my buddy because he wanted to get into cosplay and I needed a flimsy excuse to build a Voron.  Since the primary goal was for cosplay armor, we named the printer Hephaestus.  We finished in February and have logged 650 hours of printing including two Halo Spartan helmets. 

Let me know if I can help and thanks for having me!


Photo May 13 2024, 7 31 51 PM.jpg

Photo May 28 2024, 12 02 23 PM.jpg

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