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Milo 1.5 CNC LDO Kit unboxing.

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As mentioned in another post, I received the Milo Kit last night. Did a quick unboxing tonight. As expected the packaging is very good. Boxes within boxes within boxes. Everything was clearly marked and labeled. The kit came in two large boxes weighing 35kg in total. Nicely sealed and undamaged.

IMG_6855.thumb.jpeg.e919b64b28e56f1f6de7274e771afff5.jpeg  IMG_6856.thumb.jpeg.a2c23a2d2f9d3e50a1bf29141534c81c.jpeg  IMG_6857.thumb.jpeg.926504f701fe96823c209c569c134bd4.jpeg

Box 1 of 2 contained the Z-Plates, linear rails and extrusions:

Layer 1:

IMG_6863.thumb.png.99bfa465e9ae771d0f5aa9f918a21e2c.png IMG_6864.thumb.png.e4ce6a312bbb0a2327707f09a6bdc4d1.png  

Layer 2:


Layer 3:


Layer 4:




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Box 2 of 2 consisted of the electronics and electrical components. Again it was a box within a box and securely packaged.

IMG_6868.thumb.png.afecec06bc8ee89c9910629d0cdec33f.png  IMG_6869.thumb.png.e27a650a3222c28adb454d536f505cbe.png  IMG_6870.thumb.png.f8fe7db468dd34f701f2424544f151bd.png 

Wondering what's in the pink baggy ? ---------------------- Safety glasses

 IMG_6872.thumb.png.f9fbfc50abbe7548c3beaa658e87fc0d.png  IMG_6871.thumb.png.be02d31079fa5796d6900edc81a3bf5e.png IMG_6873.thumb.png.ae518ef8e1c08109eda01c304602d10c.png  IMG_6874.thumb.png.f168881ea406e93b30b058ff5edd5d4c.png

The spindle is LDO branded, 80mm 220V



IMG_6884.thumb.png.3cbef662e7353d03d01e868b427cd670.png IMG_6885.thumb.png.6decb88339fcda5df86496ecdc0d9f81.png

If there is anything else anyone wants to know or see in more detail, then please let me know.

On to the build .......Soon



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Posted (edited)

@mvdveer Thanks again for confirming the dimensions of the FMJ plate. I placed the order this morning with SendCutSend and the order is already in progress. ! got them to anodize them black as well.



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