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Just another first timer to voron :)

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Hey from the land of OZ!!

Another bogan Aussie here,

So I wanted to build my first voron after seeing them everywhere lol.

I researched for ages and was compiling a list to self source but realised how hard and expensive that'd be here in Australia and my ADHD had me not wanting to wait.

Out of the local retailers here I had a few options mostly LDO, Fystec or MPX so after some more time spent, I settled on the MagicPhoenix kit with all the upgrades they offer.

So here's what I have..

- MPX CBT 2.4 350 Kit w
   - stainless steel upgraded rails
   - disco stick xxl
   - steel Y axis backers
   - gates pulley/idlers
   - 800w bed

- Octopus Pro v1.1
- Raspberry Pi 4B+
- Galileo 2 Extruder
- EBB SB2209
- Cartographer lis2dw probe
- BTT HDMI 5 Touchscreen
- BTT SFS 2.0
- BARF SB Leds
- LDO Clicky Clack Door kit
(I'll update the list as more is added)

Have ordered
- Beefy Front Idlers
- Beefy Z Idlers
(Open to suggestions here)

The kit came with a BTT manta m8p v1.1 + cb1 but I decided to put my octopus pro from my modified anycubic vyper to better use in the voron. This gives me more room to go HV stepper if I ever see a real need to plus I feel the 4b gives better performance anyway.

The MPX kit is packaged beautifully and very straightforward. Layered in a way each layer has everything you need for a particular section to complete before moving to the next which I liked.

For printed parts I had one of the local guys from the PIF program print them for me, my other printer wasn't setup for ABS at the time, however now it is and it's churning out the extra parts and mods while I build the voron.

Frame went together really well after it was suggested I grab a frame jig, I'm not sure who it's made by but it's CNC'd and you just push in the extrusions and it gives a perfect lot straight cube once you finish. Think the frame was done in 10 minutes or so and after checking over with a square, was perfectly square.



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4 hours ago, KrauTech said:

get a v0 or something too

Why stop there - V0 - tick, Trident - tick, Switchwire - Mmmhhh, Micron - tick 😄

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5 minutes ago, KrauTech said:

I'm easily persuaded

I think you are lucky that you are not married and have no 10 printers limit like @mvdveer Maybe you can share experiences with him. Lives also on the same island as you do. 

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Posted (edited)

Finally got around to running it for the first time.. noisy motors but i think thats to be expected?

Its an MPX 2.4 R2 kit - https://magicphoenix.xyz/product/voron-v2-4-customized-kit/

Here are all my configs so far https://github.com/krautech/voron-2.4r2-octopuspro-sb2209

Motors for reference.
Ill attach a video or two of the motor sounds.


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This is with:


Max velocity 600

Square corner velocity 9

Bed mesh speed 600

Stealthchop 0


And you can hear it when it slows down to uturn it's loud?


It's louder with lower SCV and/or stealthchop 99999

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Well it's all fun and games.. had it calibrated, printing...now pull down again 🤣


Vyper printed the BFI and BZI mods so they're going in tomorrow as well as CNC cartographer carriage and I forget what else.


Also relocating the canbus cable from the rear gantry to the exhaust vent 20240528_220904.thumb.jpg.6a66c171d8908410398f7a6d69525900.jpg20240527_194420.thumb.jpg.d874eb3dbffbfc5bfc08724a6e78b08f.jpg20240526_160959.thumb.jpg.a9cc9a66059d698dcbf7df28cac7542c.jpg

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Just now, Dirk said:

Can absolutely recommend that move 🙂

I'm glad to hear it! It'll tidy up the look of the Bowden and cable..didn't like them going on different directions. Sent my OCD haywire.


Considering removing the z chain altogether tbh

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Posted (edited)
22 minutes ago, Dirk said:

Let us know when you have a good solution. I didn't like the ones around.

Yeah im not sure yet, contact strips up the extrusions somehow? bit dangerous though lol and id have to isolate each side



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