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Nozzle scrubber and purge not working


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Hello everyone, so I recently put a klicky on my voron 2.4 and added the purge bucket and scrub brush. My klicky works good and the printer works good except the purge and scrub don't work. I'm using fluidd and I've added all config files like it says to do. If I press the clean nozzle in fluidd it works it just don't work when I go to print something. Also when I go to print a file the machine homes all axis does the klicky on the gantry parks the klicky and homes the xyz two more times in a row and goes right to printing it does nothing with the purge and scrub. So the question is why isn't purge and scrub working with the print and why does it home xyz so much? Thanks for your help. 

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Sure. It's still very much WIP, but it works.

[gcode_macro PRINT_START]
    # Parameters
    {% set bedtemp = params.BED|default(60)|int %}
    {% set hotendtemp = params.HOTEND|default(215)|int %}
    {% set chambertemp = params.CHAMBER|default(0)|int %}

    _CG28                    ; only home if not already done
    G90                      ; set to absolute
    G0 X125 Y240 Z30 F3600
    M117 Warming up...
    M190 S{bedtemp}                                                                  ; set & wait for bed temp
    #TEMPERATURE_WAIT SENSOR="temperature_sensor chamber_temp" MINIMUM={chambertemp}  ; wait for chamber temp
    M109 S{hotendtemp}       ; set & wait for hotend temp
    ATTACH_PROBE_LOCK        ; Attach the probe and force it to stay
    # Do bed mesh here?
    #M117 Cleaning...
    #G1 E-1.0 F3600           ; retract so no drool
    CALIBRATE_Z              ; instead of another z home, get actual z offset from probe
    DOCK_PROBE_UNLOCK        ; dock the probe and unlock
    G1 E6.0 F3600            ; extrude 6mm to account for clean_nozzle retraction
    #do purge line here


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I'm already breaking things out and taking advantage of the include command. So PRINT_START currently live in a macros.cfg file and NOZZLE_SCRUB lives in nozzle_scrub.cfg. In printer.cfg, I have these two lines which makes it as if they were all in one file:

[include macros.cfg]               # for custom macro definitions
[include nozzle_scrub.cfg]         # Nozzle Scrub & Purge Bucket


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Basically I went off of what claudermilk showed me and I went to github.com and just took some config files and made them into my own that's about it. Other than claudermilk showing me some kind of direction all the other replies we're basically what I already knew. 

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23 hours ago, Snechovski said:

one more question, so when i add the call lines does it matter what ones i do first like, [include ./nozzle_scrub.cfg] first then [include ./print_start.cfg] second or the other way around. what im asking is will it call in the order i put it?

Just as a quick answer to this for others' future reference, it doesn't matter what order the includes are in. The effect is that all the separate files are handled by Klipper as if they are all one giant, monolithic file. Order of macros appearing in the files doesn't matter than I have seen.

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