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Hi from Reg_B in Massachusetts


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Not much of a profile/resume but Yeah I am new here.

I built a couple of FDM delta printers with about a 5 year gap between them, I  bought a Prusa resin printer (just as Covid got rampant) and recently bought a Bambu  with AMS.

(kinda neat and automatically does a lot of what I used to do manually before every print, but it does it faster and more consistently.)

The Prusa is nice, but with resin you have to BE  THERE when it finishes, can't start a 5 hour print and go to bed.



Background; Chemical Engineer by training mini computer engineer by practice - the 70's digital revolution, etc.



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Tangent alert - - I am ex-DEC.

To those who know what this means Hi !

To those who don't Hi anyway.


I ordered a 2.4 kit from Formbot on Wednesday, supposedly from their US warehouse and the status says "shipped" o 16th.

With some web orders this just means they have printed the shipping label - do I get a tracking number ?


(Impatient, I know)]



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