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Hello everyone.

My name's Scott, and I'm a IT guy near Detroit, MI.  Prepping for the process of building my Voron 2.4 (formbot kit because I was too lazy to self-source).

I have been 3D Printing with FDM for a few years now. Went the usual path of cheap ender, to a Frankenstein with hardly anything left of the original (ender 3 pro, Bowden MicroSwiss extruder and hot end, Extender 400Xl, Dual Z. Skr 1.4 Turbo, BTT Smart filament sensor, wham bam mutant, BLT, etc., etc., and etc.

Ordered the Voron because I realized it has everything I want and need for my next 3D printer.

I tend to predominantly print Star Wars kit and toys for my grandchildren (I have 10 of the little rugrats). My absolute favorite print for the grandchild is the magnetic 3D Puzzle plane. Which I plan to reprint in the near future. However, this time around I plan to remix the design so that the magnets are printed in place (not glued in, as I feel this is safer for the kiddos).

Fusion 360 is on my “to learn” list as I have been “getting” by so far with tinker cad.


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Hello my golden marmoset friend 😉

Welcome to TeamFDM I invite you to document your build in the Build Diaries section.

1 hour ago, Fantastic_layers said:

Fusion 360 is on my “to learn” list

I've been enjoying the learning experience with F360 though as an 'old style' CAD user, I find the 2d drafting or 'sketching' in F360 is clumsy at best and often frustrating. But except for that It's quite amazing. Stability of the app is average.

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Welcome to the community - I too am a self-taught - Fusion360 user and can get around enough to be dangerous. Read up on Components vs Bodies - it changed a lot of my understanding of CAD and dealing with more complex designs. and I agree - the sketch is rough, i tend to avoid it where possible!

Glad to have you aboard and I look forward to hearing more about your printing build and design adventures!

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