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Hi! Long time Voron owner, first time in forum.

John J

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I am excited to find this forum!  I currently have a V0.1, 2 Prusa MK3S (1 with MMU2S), and I am in the process of converting a Ender 3 Pro into a switchwire.  Fun, right?  My Voron printers are a little different from everyone else's, I am running Marlin 2 on them.  The V0.1 has a Super Pinda, Kirigami bedframe, and rigid mounted heat plate.  The Ender-Switch will have the Stealthburner (currently printing) and a rigid bed also.  I liked Klipper, but the rPi part was too unstable for me, and after a few power outages and complete reworks of the rPi, I decided to customize Marlin for the Voron's.  I know, it won't print as fast as Klipper, and a lot of good features are missing, but the reliability is key for me.  I use Repetier Server to upload files and monitor my printers, and thankfully, it has been bulletproof, even with me doing things to Repetier to break it.

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Glad to have you as part of the TeamFDM forum community, and the feedback so far of having a traditional forum has been overly receptive!

I look forward to hearing more about your non-majority approach to Voron printers and would love to see a write up on why you chose Marlin of Klipper, and what if any tradeoffs you experienced!

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