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Hi all!

Call me squishysquidly. I'm finishing up my PhD in instructional design, I repair phones and computers, and am currently learning unity and c#.

I'm also working on my Voron 2.4. Hoping to get my build finished after quite a few setbacks. A kind person "helped", and thinking my box of printed and electronic parts was trash, threw them away. I've been trying to piece together what was thrown away and i seem to have the parts needed.

I've been able to work up to the wiring the bottom, and i'm cobbling together wires and whatnot, trying to make sure I have all the required parts. I should be good, but looking forward to looking through other's post to make sure I've gotten it done correctly.

I've been 3d printing for years, but when a microwave fell on my ender 3 and started a fire (long story), i looked for the upgrade. and man am i looking forward to being able to print again.

Thanks all! looking forward to learning and helping wherever I can.

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44 minutes ago, squishysquidly said:

currently learning unity

Dude, UE5!!

Welcome aboard

46 minutes ago, squishysquidly said:

microwave fell on my ender 3

Sounds like cat induced chaos. 😺


Feel free to post some pics of your build or log your progress in the diaries section. Cheers!

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Welcome to the forum!

Microwave fell on the Ender. Which caused a fire. 😳😱

So with all the programming learning, if you're going to dig into things much prepare to learn some Python and Jinja2 as well. I assume you have GCode in your repertoire already. Also a bit of Linux command line for the Pi--again if you haven't already gone there.

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