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Ambrosia ASA


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I ordered these a few weeks back.

Almost through the first roll, the filament itself prints great, no real difference from polymaker. And I started with that as my profile.


The spools are slightly smaller than polymaker however, and wouldn't work on the horseshoe spool holder I have in my trident. So I resorted to ripping half the cardboard off and putting a printed plastic spool in its place. Has been working fine since then.



Obviously I've printed a few things with it I've also been trying to optimize my slicer settings more. To help with that I've been using CNC Kitchen's Extrusion Benchmark, specifically a gcode generator. The print start and print end doesn't seem to work when I add them to the generator, so I wound up copying my macros out to some degree, and starting preheat before hand.


Obviously the first sample sometimes gets an extra bonus which throws the other numbers off.


I'm set to 16 for my max volumetric speed with the Dragon for now, will run again when I get a higher flow hotend.


Overall ASA for the same price I was paying for ABS, no complaints here. The spool mutilation has just gotten me to print a reprack and I'll probably start feeding from outside some amount instead.

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I have some spools of Ambrosia ABS, the glitter ones. Excellent filament. I wish it were cheaper, but it's worth the price for some of those colors for me.


But companies that give you extras always gets a good vote, when the product is just as good or better than others. I love stickers!

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