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Eddy Current Sensing / Tapping becomes native to Klipper

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51 minutes ago, Dirk said:

I just ran into an article that discusses TAP functionality for the LDC1612 (eddy current) sensors. 

Very interesting but still in I would say"early alpha". Was considering installing the code on a machine to test BUT

Some issues:

  • Still need a metal bed, so no use for glass beds.
  • Needs high Z acceleration and speed
  • Z height accuracy not guaranteed

Too much of a risk to try out at the minute.

But extremely good news. Hopefully with the code out there and the community involved Kevin will get the answers to the "hiccups" in the implementation.

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7 hours ago, mvdveer said:

Too much of a risk to try out at the minute

Oh, I didn't try it out either. I wouldn't recommend 🙂

The reason BTT Eddy is not working as a Z offset replacement, like beacon/carto, has to do with the fact that the native klipper code, is not reliable for z offset.

The carto's and the beacons you have, run their own firmware.

BTT and Mellow Eddy sensors both use klipper native code to work. So this coding seems to be programmed for these probes.

And since I have seen in the repository of BTT Eddy that Arksine from Canboot wrote the source code of BTT Eddy's temperature compensation, I am thinking also this code might be a request from their side...

The high z-speed seems to be a limitation of his code. But it is similar to the minimum speed you need with sensorless homing.

Regarding glass / magnetic / Garolite beds, I don't think any solution solely based on Eddy current will work. I know both Beacon and Cartographer have promised to work for such beds with their probes.

Beacon claim they do it with magic. Reminds me of the middle ages.

Cartographer creator says their technique relies on their newest adxl version probe. 

As I said: good developments for us all. Klipper supporting this function will make it easier for all other companies to develop their Eddy current probes.



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I may be old and just tired of working on the printer but I really like Klicky-00 with a unklicy head.  Homing and QGL never fail. Probe results are spot on. Etc.  Now if I could do all the homing and QGL with Klicky-00 and then the bed mesh with an eddy sensor.  That would be the best of both worlds. 

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1 hour ago, DocFoFo said:

I may be old

As long as you are still young at heart 🙂
I have said earlier, do not break what is working. So I applaud the wish to keep using klicky. However I have seen many others having problems with magnets and wear of components. 
In general it is not possible to do what you want with the eddy current probes Cartographer and Beacon. (You will need to write a plugin to klipper to have it working) However, the ones from Mellow and Bigtreetech use the klipper interface, which is apparently too unreliable to work as a Z End-stop. So you could consider buying an Eddy probe from BTT and achieve what you wish.

Even though I do not know if it will work with Klicky. Maybe others that have tried it already? Klicky as Z Endstop and Eddy as a bed scanner?

If you have more questions, feel free to ask.


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Yeah, I don't want to mess with it or have anything on the print head that isn't necessary.  That's why I like Klicky-00. Attaches like Klicky but acts like TAP.  Homing and QGL are all done in less than a minute. The only thing that takes a minute on my start_print is the mesh, but that's adaptive so it's not too bad. Plus is warming up so its time to do car stuff and yard work. 

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5 hours ago, Dirk said:

you old guys sound like a bunch of kids!😇

We are, why do you think we have so many TOYS?

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  • 3 weeks later...

It will be interesting to see how this works out after a few years.  It is so easy to make an eddy current sensor.  It is basically just two coils and one chip (if you already have a microcontroller on the printhead)  It adds perhaps $4 to the cost of making a print head if you design it into a new printer head rather than add it later.

I can see this being built into factory-made printers.   They could use a micro switch to measure absolute z-offset the eddy current device for making a quick map.  JKust one more way the ready-made printers can be cheaper then the DIY printers

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